Frequently Asked Questions (and answers I felt like giving here)

  • What is "Saga of Soul" anyway?
  • "Saga of Soul" is an ongoing story of urban fantasy. Its main (though by no means only) inspiration is maho shojo ("magical girls") anime, but I'd like to think I've got something fairly unique here.

  • What's "maho shojo"?
  • Maho shojo - literally "magical girl" - is a manga and anime genre. "Magical girls" stories focus on children or teenagers, mostly female, who possessed paranormal abilities. The earliest magical girls stories centered around slice-of-life tales, but as time went on, it became more common for magical girls to have to protect the world from dark threats. "Sailor Moon" in particular is regarded as the genre-maker. For more information, there's always Wikipedia and TVTropes

  • What is the update schedule?
  • There isn't really a schedule. I release new chapters as I complete them. The time between two chapters can take a week or several months, depending on my inspiration, workload, and other factors.

  • Magic notwithstanding, there's quite a lot of science getting thrown around. Just how accurate are the scientific bits?
  • Enough that I can live with myself after writing them in a story, at least. I do try to put some reasearch where necessary.

  • So, what are the inspirations for this story?
  • Well...It went like this:

    For me, it all started out with Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T., a webcomic based around the maho shojo genre. I read it, loved it, and started becoming curious about the genre. Shortly afterwards, I discovered Captain SNES (another source of inspiration) and Sailor Nothing (Possible the strongest inspiration), and finally decided to check out Sailor Moon.

    I was hooked.

    My growing interest in maho shojo started giving me ideas. Several more ideas came to me while perusing TVTropes, and before I knew it, I had enough material in my head that I decided it was worth actually writing the story.