Saga of Soul

More things by me, or about Saga of Soul

  • The old address: Before I created this website, the story was hosted at FictionPress. I no longer upload new or revised chapters there.
  • Saga of Soul's TVTropes page. Fair warning: There's a reason I call that website "The Unholy Devourer of Time".
  • Saga of Soul's Facebook and Google+ pages.
  • "Where I Watch: My Little Pony". The new "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" is awesome. The original "My Little Pony" from the 80s is not as awesome, but nevertheless severely underrated. So here I went and, inspired by ShadowJack's work on Sailor Moon, started doing my own semi-parodic take on the whole thing. It's my first real foray into comedy, but it ended up going surprisingly far.
  • "Souls in a Vacuum": A short science-fiction story I've written. Also available on Amazon.
  • A Champion in Earth-Bet: A quest I'm writing, set in the world of Wildbow's Worm. In which a character from a superhero setting I once designed for role-playing purpose gets stranded in the mid-apocalyptic mess that is Earth-Bet. This ended up involving massive amounts of world-building.
  • Worm: Time of Perils: Another Worm fanwork involving one of my characters getting stranded in Earth-Bet. But while the protagonist of "A Champion in Earth-Bet" relies on power, charisma and idealism, this one relies on tactics and science.